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Elegance Contest

Team PAAC April 25, 2017

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ffve_transpThe elegance conteste is a tradition of French origin, launched in the 1920s.

Our country was the only one that could indeed marry two skills envied by the whole world: Our fashion designers, always at the forefront of fashion and our coachbuilders, “dressing” superb shapes the chassis of major automobile brands.

The « Automotive Elegance Contest », combines the presentation of a crew that must always include a woman – the man taking an accessory role, that of driver – and an automobile whose lines are undeniably elegant.

There is no tradition of such competitions for motorcycles or commercial vehicles. Elegance contests have always admitted popular cars and the current trend of organizing two “series”, one for the prestige cars and the other for the cars produced in large series Is fully accepted by the FFVE (French Federation of Vehicles of the Period).

crédit photo : Christophe GOMEZ, Studiomago

The regulation proposed by the FFVE is simple, with only a very limited number of criteria which show that an approximately equivalent number of points is to be apportioned by the jury between the two main components : The crew and the automobile.

In order to prevent this type of event from engendering excessive costs or too much preparatory work, the FFVE does not require the “vintage dress” of the participants. Even if a sophisticated clothing research can support the note, a presentation in “modern” outfit but elegant and neat, related to the automobile, shall not be penalized.

As has always been done, the jury brings together a variety of skills (experts in old cars, but also artists or even “candid”), in order to examine the crew-car couples from as many angles as possible. This may explain results that are surprising to car specialists …

PAAC organizes for the greatest pleasure of the visitor this elegance contest in the exceptional setting of the Jardins d’Albertas.

text : http://www.ffve.org/Concours_elegance



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