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Concours d’élégance

admin April 18, 2016

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ffve_transpLe concours d’élégance is a french tradition that born in the 20’s.

Our country was the only one that could, in fact, mix two competences desired in the entire world: our regognised dressmakers and our bodybuilders, creating a great effect with the chassis of the best cars. 

Le « Concours d’Elégance en Automobile », as it has to be called, alignes the presentation of a show that explains the way a woman should dress – the men had an accessoire rol, as a choffeur.

There is not any tradition than the concours for the motorbikes or the utilitary vehicles. However, the concours d’ elegance have always allowed the participation of popular automobiles and the actual tendance consists in the organisation of two series: one for the prestige cars and other one for the remarkable popular productions, registered, in fact, in the FFVE.

crédit photo : Christophe GOMEZ, Studiomago

The rules imposed by the FFVE are simple,

only fulfilling a small number of criteria that shows that a number of similar points are distributed by the jury between the two important issues: the equipment and the vehicle.

In order to avoid the difficilties to prepare this kind of manifestation, la FFVE does not inquire the participants to wear vintage clothes. Even an elegant and sophisticated dress code with modern influences could be well rated if the vehicle has a remarkable value.

In fact, the jury is composed by members with different competences (experts in classic vehicles, but also artists or visitors) to examine both the equipments and the cars from different points of view.

PAAC organises the biggest concours d’ elegance for the automobile in the exceptional gardens d’ Albertas.

texte : http://www.ffve.org/Concours_elegance


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