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Pays d’aix Auto Classic 2017 – 1th and 2nd of July

admin June 12, 2017

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In this 3rd Edition, the Pays d’ Aix Auto Classic is going to be held the 1st and 2nd of July in the historic gardens of Albertas. This placement is dated in the 17th century and classed as a remarkable garden in the French patrimoine register.

Pays d’Aix Auto Classic will propose activities linked to the story of the vehicles in a retro ambiance:

On the one hand, a preuve de lenteur and a concours of elegance. On the other hand, an encounter to exchange and buy second-handed pieces of classic cars and motorbikes, but also many expositors of miniatures, stickers, vintage clothes, etc.

There is restauration provided at the event, so you could eat if you feel hungry.

850 collection vehicles,


This rendez-vous is held by the Automobile Association of Aix-en-Provence, as well as many volunteers.

In the course of this expositions, you could discover a wide range of collection vehicles: prestigious brands, legendary models, but also populaire models. In the last year edition, the Citroen DS was honored to celebrate its 60th anniversary.

What is more: in the tour, you could find as well the second-handed pieces you need to complete your Peugeot 404 thanks to our ”bourse de pieces”.


Pays d'Aix Auto Classic

Exposition et bourse de véhicules anciens
Samedi 1er et Dimanche 2 Juillet 2017
Jardins d'Albertas à Bouc Bel Air

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