15 et 16 juin 2019
Jardin d'AlbertasBOUC-BEL-AIR



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Come in family to escape to the meeting of our BEAUTIFUL MECHANICAL

A classified place of exception proposing the whole retro automotive world to make discover to the greatest number, the fascinating story of vintage cars.

_VIC2657You cherish beautiful mechanical, collectors, collectionneurs, lovers of cars that have become rare or simple curious, find us in the heart of famous Albertas Gardens.

You will meet many collection vehicles : prestigious brands, legendary models or on the contrary much more popular, there will be something for everyone.

To refresh yourself or eat a piece between two back and forth around some vehicles, a food court will be available during the exposition.

Saturday night from 8:30 pm, take the time to escape during our diner show around the word of Georges Brassens, in a jazzy orchestration.